Keyboard Tutorial 2A

Keyboard Tutorial 2A

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If you watched our Flexi-Piano tutorial... or have some basics of the keyboard, you should get this!

Keyboard Tutorial 2A (and 2B) is a continuation of our Keyboard Foundation Tutorial
(which is the same as the video tutorial that comes with our Flexi Piano Starter Kit.)

Our Keyboard Level 2 tutorials will enable you to learn more chords and jamming patterns. 

We also start to introduce basic theory concepts, but don't worry, we explain it in such a simple manner that anyone will be able to understand!

Split into 2 parts: 2A and 2B, it's designed for you to learn step-by-step without struggling at all.

What you will learn in our Keyboard Tutorial 2A:

1. Revision of what you learnt in the foundation tutorial
2. Learn a simple formula to derive ANY Major and Minor chords you see
3. Understand what are tones and semi-tones
4. New Chords: E minor, D minor, D and A
5. Play along to songs such as Price Tag by Jessie J

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Why you should get this tutorial:

Many people have dreamt of learning the piano, but they are afraid of it being too difficult, especially having to learn how to read musical notes.

But guess what?

Our keyboard syllabus are designed specially such that it is very easy to follow.

Even if you have no music background..

Or you don't know how to even read musical notes..

You'll still be able to play by just learning with us in 1 session!

Through our lessons, we've helped many people achieve their dreams of playing the piano.

Don't just hear from us... 

Here's a video of Jim, who attended all 5 levels of our Keyboard Beginner Workshop, playing a song during his graduation performance:

In case you want to watch more, here's a video of Belinda singing along to her favourite song, using what she learnt in our keyboard course:

Bear in mind, like many of our students, Jim and Belinda had zero music background.

But their love of music and our love for teaching has resulted in them being able to play!

About our Online Keyboard Tutorials:

There will be a total of 5 levels that you can learn with us online.

It is created and filmed exactly the way we teach in our physical workshops.

Where do I start?

You can start with our Keyboard Foundation Tutorial, before moving on to:

Level 2A & Level 2B

Level 3A & Level 3B (work in progress)

Level 4A & Level 4B (work in progress)

Level 5A & Level 5B (work  in progress)

Our aim is that by the end of these 5 levels, you will be able to read a simple score and play on both hands, like Jim and Belinda above!

What are you waiting for? Fulfil your musical dreams today!

The video tutorial is not a physical product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the video details.

All video tutorials purchased are strictly non-refundable.

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