Foldi Piano

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A Space-Saving Piano For Players Of All Levels!

After helping thousands of beginners fulfil their piano-playing dreams...

We now introduce:


A keyboard that folds in half!

Saves you space while giving you the full 88-Key scale of a piano.

See it in action below:

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After more than a decade of teaching music in Singapore, we know it's the dream of many to play the piano.

(That's why we created the flexi-piano starter kit which help thousands learn piano easily and affordably.)

Now, our Foldi-Piano is here to take things to the next level.

Why Foldi-Piano?

1. Saves you space and money

A real piano costs around $3000-$4000. Grand piano costs >$30k.

You may not have the space at home to fit a real piano. Especially if you or your kids are just starting out.

Foldi-Piano costs 10x cheaper than a real piano, but still has the same 88-key range. It takes up only 66cm of space when folded.

2. Piano lessons aren't cheap

Usually piano lesson costs $50/hr (private 1-1 lesson)

That's why when you buy the Foldi-Piano, you get to learn from us too.

Our beginner video tutorial will be sent to you once you purchase it.

3. Learning piano requires a lot of time

It takes on average about 1 year to play a song using both hands.

But our proven method will allow you to do that in just hours. 

Our Complete Online Keyboard Course does that. (sold separately)

4. Our Flexi-Piano Starter Kit is amazing. But now... people want the best of both worlds.

The feel of real piano keys AND still portable.

(When folded, foldi-piano is only 66cm in length!)


To help you fulfil your piano-playing dreams...

Without you spending thousands on a piano,

Without taking up much of your space at home,

The Foldi-Piano is now here for you. 

When you purchase the Foldi-Piano, you get access to our 40 min beginner tutorial on how to play the keyboard, for free! 

In just 40 mins, you will learn how to play using both hands and even sing along!

More about the Foldi-Piano:

Easy To Bring Around

Ultra portable and lightweight, the Foldi-Piano fits nicely into a bag so you can bring it anywhere. 

Play It Like A Real Piano

Most digital keyboards you see in the market have only 61 keys.

Foldi-Piano has 88 keys when opened.

The full-scale allows you to play your piano pieces on it without feeling restricted.

Built-in Stereo Speakers

Hear your playing through the built-in speakers.

If you're playing late at night and you're worried about waking your neighbours up, just plug in your headphones into the Foldi-Piano!

Comes With Sustain Pedal

You can now play your songs with beautifully with emotions by plugging in the sustain pedal that comes with the Foldi-Piano.

Rechargeable Batteries

Play up to 4 hours on a full charge.

You don't have to worry about finding a power source anymore, especially if you're performing outside Starbucks. (Only if you have the license to busk!)

Tranpose Function

An important function for many keyboard players who often play for gigs.

Here's a 15 seconds video on how to use the transpose function:

MIDI Compliant with USB/Bluetooth Connectivity

Foldi-Piano works as a MIDI input to most music apps and softwares. 

You can connect it via the USB cable or Bluetooth.

Note: The Bluetooth function does not connect to Bluetooth speakers, only for MIDI function. 

Why You Should Get The Foldi Piano:

(Especially if you are just starting out)

A full acoustic Upright or Grand Piano is expensive.

It costs at least $3000-$4000. (Grand piano goes up to $30k)

And it may not be the most practical option for some of you who are just starting out.

If you are a parent, you may not be sure if you kids are really serious about learning the piano.

This is perfect because it doesn't just save you money.

It saves you space.

AND it saves you time when it comes to learning the piano.


When you buy our Foldi-Piano, a video tutorial will be included with your account.

It will help complete beginners start learning the piano right away. 

You don't even need to learn how to read music scores at the start.

In fact, you can start playing with both hands in just 45 minutes!

Our proven teaching methods have helped thousands of people learn piano even if they have zero music background.

Preview of our video tutorial:


- This tutorial is filmed using our Flexi-Piano (which has 61 keys) but you will still be able to learn on your Foldi-Piano since it has more keys.

- You will receive an email on how to access the tutorial after you purchase your Foldi-Piano.

- You will also get a link to download a printable PDF of the tutorial.

Foldi-Piano Usual Price:


Keyboard Foundation Tutorial Usual Price:




Right now, you can get both at just:



(You save $169!)

Get your Foldi-Piano today :)


Product Specifications:

Weight: 4.2kg

Length: 66cm (folded), 1.2m (unfolded)

Height: 6.2cm



Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the keys weighted?

The keys are not weighted but they are touch-sensitive, meaning when you strike the keys lightly it will be soft, when you strike it harder it will sound louder.

Can it work with DAW? (Digital audio workstation)

We can't guarantee that it can work with all DAW but it works on GarageBand.

Does it have different tone selections like a keyboard?

Yes, there are 128 different tones you can choose from. 

Can I connect the Foldi-Piano to an amplifier?

It can connect to any external devices through the headphone port.

If you are plugging into an example an amplifier, you will need

1) A 3.5mm cable to connect the Foldi-Piano to the amplifier and

2) A 1/4 inch male to 3.5mm female audio adaptor to allow the cable to be connected with the amplifier

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