About Us

Why we started

TravelClef was started in 2011, with one simple aim: to bring joy to people through music

We know that it has been the dreams of many people to be able to play a music instrument, whether it is the piano, guitar, ukulele or drums.

If you are reading this, and you don't know how to play music, we are guessing that you have at least dreamt about playing a music instrument one day. 

However, perhaps due to the lack of opportunities or resources, you never had the chance to. 

And that is why we started, with aim to teach as many people music as possible, through our workshops, as well as our products on this website.

To help achieve our aim of spreading music to as many people as we can, we came up with the concept of Flexi Piano Starter Kit and Flexi Drums Starter Kit, where anybody could start to self learn the instrument with our product and a video tutorial filmed by us.


What we do

TravelClef is a music school (based in Singapore) with a unique concept, where our music courses are designed in workshop style and are catered mainly to adults and corporate organisations.

We are well known for teaching adults with zero music background how to play music in just 2 hours. We also conduct music team bonding programmes for MNCs/SMEs and have conducted them overseas in China, Indonesia and Thailand etc. You can find out more about our team bonding activities here.
Here's a shot of our participants from our "Ukulele Passport Workshop", where they will learn how to play and sing along with the Ukulele in just 2 hours, without any music experience needed:

 (If you always wanted to learn Ukulele, here is a free copy of our Ukulele Beginner Guide for you! Download it and you'll be able to learn in no time!)

Another shot of our participants from our "Keyboard Beginner Workshop", where they will learn how to play and sing along with the Ukulele in just 2 hours, without any music experience needed:

 About Our Instruments

As our brand grew over the years, we created our own brand of premium quality music instruments to meet the needs of our students, where we provide instruments that are well manufactured with the highest standards.

Our brand name of our ukuleles is called Alegria - which means joy in the Spanish language. If you own our ukuleles, you are literally holding on to joy! 🤣

Our ukulele manufacturing factory in China:

Our instruments are manufactured with high quality control and we strive to ensure our products are of the highest quality by conducting our own in house quality checks. 
In fact, we even head down to our factory in China to observe their manufacturing processes. 
A photo of Edmund, co founder of TravelClef, in our ukulele manufacturing factory:
Alegria Ukulele
We truly hope that by picking up one of our instruments or courses, you will experience the joyful feeling that music can bring!
View our Ukulele models here
Flexi Piano Starter Kit