Ukulele Tutorial 3A

Ukulele Tutorial 3A

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Already know the basics of ukulele?

Why not learn more techniques and level up your ukulele skills?

A continuation of our Ukulele Foundation Tutorial, our Ukulele Level 2 tutorials will enable you to create your own unique strum pattern and understanding the concept of rhythm and beats.

Split into 2 parts: 3A and 3B, it's designed for you to learn progressively without struggling at all.

What you will learn in our Ukulele Tutorial 3A:

1. You will learn about the "Accented Strum" pattern
2. Plucking techniques
3. You will learn a new strum pattern called the "Uke-Pop" Strum Pattern or the "Calypso" Strum Pattern
3. Play songs such as Imagine, Don't Worry Be Happy, and Lava Song using the newly-learned strum patterns

Watch a preview of what you'll learn: 

Why you should get our Ukulele Tutorial 3A & 3B:

Some people think that the ukulele is meant only for basic strumming and singing. 

But what they do not know is this beautiful instrument sounds amazing when the strings are plucked individually.  

In this tutorial, we teach you a new strumming patterns, basics of plucking and also melody-playing.

If you want to explore more playing techniques on the ukulele, you should get both our Ukulele Tutorials  3A and 3B!

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Don't wait anymore if you want to learn the ukulele!

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