Cajon Tutorial 2A

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Already know the basics of Cajon?

Then you should learn more techniques and skills!

A continuation of our Cajon Foundation Tutorial, our Cajon Level 2 tutorials will enable you to learn new techniques and songs, like the very popular song Despacito!

Split into 2 parts: 2A and 2B, it's designed for you to learn progressively without struggling at all.

What you will learn in our Cajon Tutorial 2A:

1. Learn a new rhythm called Reggae, where you can use it to play songs like Despacito!
2. Apply techniques you've learnt to songs like Photograph, Don't Worry Be Happy, Just The Way You Are
3. Revise what you've learnt in the foundation level, as well as practise your 16th beat patterns!

Why you should get our Cajon 2A & 2B tutorial:

While there may be other Cajon online lessons out there on the internet, our Cajon video tutorials are filmed in a way that is really easy-to-follow, especially for beginners.

We record each and every song in a comfortable pace so you can practise your new techniques properly. Our audio track also has a metronome ticking so you can keep in rhythm!

You'll definitely enjoy the practice/play-along session in our videos.

If you enjoy playing percussive instruments like the Cajon, get our video tutorial right away!

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The video tutorial is not a physical product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the video details.

All video tutorials purchased are strictly non-refundable.

About our Online Cajon Lessons:

There are a total of 4 levels in our online cajon course, where we take beginners with little or no music background to a level where they can play the cajon proficiently using the right techniques.

Anyone can join starting from our Cajon Foundation Tutorial and then gradually learn more as they move up to the next level.

All of our video lessons are easy-to-follow, and you can learn step-by-step at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home!

The course materials (song sheets and chords) are downloadable in a PDF format, so you can print them out if it makes learning better for you!

Our video lessons are filmed exactly the way we teach in our physical workshops, where thousands of students have fulfilled their music playing dreams through our lessons. 

(Don't just read what we say, read hundreds of reviews from out students here)

Where do I start?

You can start with our Cajon Foundation Tutorial, before moving on to:

Level 2A & Level 2B

Level 3A & Level 3B

Level 4A & Level 4B

By the end of these 4 levels, you will be able to play the cajon proficiently, being familiar with the various techniques and playing patterns! The play-along we have in our video will also equip you with the skill to complement your cajon playing skills with another instrument!

If you've always wanted to learn a percussive instrument like the cajon, then wait no more!

Get our video lessons and achieve your music playing dreams right away!

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