Guitar Tutorial 2B

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Know the basics of guitar, and want to learn more?

This is a continuation of our Guitar Tutorial 2A.

Do also check out the next level Guitar Tutorial 3A!

What you will learn in our Guitar Tutorial 2B:

1. Learn 2 new chords, the A and E chord and apply it on songs like Three Little Birds and Sweet Home Alabama.
2. Learn a new strumming pattern called Chunking which will make your playing unique and upbeat!
3. Play along more songs such as Country Roads and Knock Three Times.
4. Recap and apply our "Golden Rule" which will help you to play and sing almost instantly!

Watch a preview of what you'll learn:


Why you should get this tutorial:

This video course contains our unique and proven way of teaching people how to play guitar in the shortest time possible, even if they have no music background.

In fact, thousands of people have gone through our syllabus in our music school.

Now, we've recorded our proven method and we're bringing it right to you where you can watch and learn at home!

The video tutorial is not a physical product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the video details.

All video tutorials purchased are strictly non-refundable.

About our Online Guitar Lessons:

There are a total of 5 levels in our online guitar course, where we take beginners with little or no music background to a level where they can strum and sing to their favourite songs proficiently. 

Anyone can join starting from our Guitar Foundation Tutorial and then gradually learn more as they move up to the next level.

All of our video lessons are easy-to-follow, and you can learn step-by-step at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home!

The course materials (song sheets and chords) are downloadable in a PDF format, so you can print them out if it makes learning better for you!

Our video lessons are filmed exactly the way we teach in our physical workshops, where thousands of students have fulfilled their music playing dreams through our lessons. 

(Don't just read what we say, read hundreds of reviews from out students here)

Where do I start?

You can start with our Guitar Foundation Tutorial, before moving on to:

Level 2A & Level 2B

Level 3A & Level 3B

Level 4A & Level 4B 

Level 5A & Level 5B 

By the end of these 5 levels, you will be able to strum and sing along on the guitar proficiently! The different strumming and plucking patterns we teach throughout the course will also make your guitar-playing versatile and colourful!

If you've always wanted to play the guitar, then wait no more!

Get our video lessons and achieve your music playing dreams right away! 

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