Martin MA530T Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light 10-47 Acoustic Guitar Strings

  • $18.50

Next generation Martin® Authentic Acoustic® Lifespan® 2.0 strings are engineered using a patented anti-corrosion treatment only available from Martin. It protects the core and wrap wire to prevent corrosion without compromising tone or feel. Martin Guitar’s impeccable standards for acoustic guitar tone are embedded in our string design and precision manufacturing process. 

Martin Guitar has been producing high-quality, musician-choice guitars and guitar accessories since 1833. The Martin Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 Guitar Strings are the real deal—not an imitation. Discover your guitar's true voice with this professional-grade guitar string pack.


Weight: 36.3g

Dimension: 11.43 x 14.61 x 13.97 cm

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