• $15.00

Go Green, bring your own cup when you come for lessons at TravelClef :)

You’ll love how little space this lightweight coffee cup takes up in your pocket, purse, bag, suitcase or backpack; it’s all you need for a drink on the go.

A portable & reusable cup bowl for all cold and hot drinks, soup or small snacks at home and outdoors, at school and in the office, at sport events and concerts. They are space-saving, leak proof and food-grade.

The mug is flexible but has the rigidity to keep its shape. It’s extremely heat and cold resistant. The plastic ring insulates making the mug comfortable to hold and safely to carry. The tight fitting, leak-proof lid keeps dust and dirt out and prevent spills.

6cm Height x 8.5cm Diameter (Folded)
12.4cm Height x 8.5cm Diameter (Opened)


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