Darco Electric D920, Light Gauge Nickel Electric Guitar Strings

  • $8.50

Martin's Darco Electric Strings provide excellent playability, high-quality construction, and a great value in every set—so you can pay less and play more. Made from professional-grade nickel, this set of guitar strings provides smooth consistency and superior tonal qualities. Designed to keep your axe screaming, these light-gauge strings provide excellent tuning stability and playability so your guitar can stand up to rigorous practice and performance schedules.

This pack of professional-grade strings will last through long sing-alongs, late-night jam sessions, and plenty of picking. It's an ultra-reliable set of strings that you can take on tour or keep in the studio. Whether you're a beginner or professional musician, this set of acoustic strings will help you play to your potential. With these strings, you'll be able to play to your heart's content—without breaking the bank!


Weight: 36g

Dimension: 10.41 x 10.67 x 1.27 cm

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