Complete Online Ukulele Course

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The Complete Online Ukulele Course is for anyone who wants to start learning the ukulele in a proven and easy method, at the comfort of their own home!

As a popular music school and having interacted with hundreds of students, we learnt that:

#1) People think music lessons are expensive
(Guitar/Ukulele lessons aren't cheap in Singapore, usually $50/hr for a private 1-1 lesson)
#2) It requires a lot of time commitment
(most music schools requires you to attend weekly lessons and practise long hours)
#3) Music instruments are not cheap.
(a piano costs at least $3000-$4000, a guitar costs $200)

Therefore, we created the Complete Ukulele Starter Kit to help people achieve their ukulele-playing dreams!

In fact, hundreds have achieved their dream of playing the ukulele through our teaching methods!

Our Ukulele Foundation Tutorial is designed to be progressive and easy-to-follow for anyone. 

Why you should get this if you want to learn ukulele:

Most music instruments (like the piano and violin) requires most beginners to learn music note reading. 

Music theory is important for a strong musical foundation.

But for a beginner who is just starting out to play the ukulele... 

It's going to be tough.

The good news is:

You don't need to learn any  theories on the ukulele  to start playing!

Learning music should be done in an enjoyable and simple way.

In order to learn how to form a chord, one had to learn how to read a chord diagram.

It looks something like this:

The dot is what you have to press, and the numbers represent your left hand fingers.

The confusing part for beginners is that they struggle to memorize the chord shape and get confused with the dots and the numbers.

To help beginners learn easily, we devised a method which doesn't require any memorizing.

All you need to do is to link the chord shape to something easy for your brain to recall!

For example, in the Am chord you saw above,

Instead of telling yourself "I have to finger number 2 on string number 4"

You just have to remember the alphabets Am as A middle finger!

This is the proven method which I've used to successfully teach hundreds of beginners learning the ukulele.

About our Online Ukulele Course

You will first start with our Ukulele Foundation Tutorial where we teach you the basics to get started.

After which, you will progress from levels 2 to 5.

Each level is split into 2 parts: A and B.

You can watch a preview of the course here:


The video tutorial is not a physical product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the video details.

All video tutorials purchased are strictly non-refundable.

What you will learn in our Ukulele Foundation Tutorial:
  • Brief history and origins of the ukulele
  • How to hold the ukulele and tune the ukulele
  • How to switch chords fast
  • How to remember chords without looking at chord diagrams
  • Learn the 4 chords which will enable you to play more than 70 over pop songs!
  • Learn our "Golden Rule" which will help you to play and sing almost instantly!
Level 2
  • Learn more chords so you can play even more songs! (Em, Dm, A and D)
  • ​New Strum Pattern: Accented Strum Pattern
  • ​Learn the basics of finger plucking and 2 plucking techniques that can be applied to any song
  • Learn how to make the ukulele sing by learning how to play tabs
  • ​Expand your repertoire with new songs such as Price Tag by Jessie J, Hey Jude by The Beatles and The Scientist by Coldplay!

Level 3

  • You will learn about the "Accented Strum" pattern
  • You will learn a new strum pattern called the "Uke-Pop" Strum Pattern or the "Calypso" Strum Pattern
  • Freestyle strumming technique
  • ​Introduction to the common "Dominant 7th chord"
  • Play songs such as You Raise me Up by Josh Groban and Always by Bon Jovi

Level 4

  • You will do a recap of the past 3 levels 
  • ​You will learn another ukulele technique called "Chunking"
  • ​Intro to basic music theory such as the sharps, flats, and scales
  • You will learn how to translate the keyboard notes to ukulele notes
  • ​Learn how to use a musical accessory called 'Capo'
  • ​Play more songs such as Fly me to the Moon and To Love Somebody using the Capo

Level 5

  • Review of the chromatic scale and the concept of transposition
  • ​You will learn online tools that can be used for chords
  • Play barre chords and deriving new chords
  • You will learn a new strumming technique called 'syncopation strumming'
  • ​You will also learn a special formula to play any chords you see in a song!

The usual price for all levels cost $621.

But when you purchase the Complete Online Ukulele Course, you can get everything at just $249!


You will receive a free bonus:

BONUS (Worth $69)

You'll get our Ukulele pop songs collection video tutorials, one of the most popular video tutorials our students love.

Songs include: Just The Way You Are, I'm Yours, Shalala Song, Country Roads, and Have You Ever Seen The Rain.

PDF to the song lyrics and chords will be be given to you.

Complete Online Ukulele Course

1) All 5 levels of our Online Ukulele Course

(Worth $621)

2) Ukulele Pop Songs Collection

(Worth $69)

Total value:



You can get everything at just



(You save $441!)

You are just one step away from realising your ukulele-playing dream!

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