Alegria UK68C Ukulele

  • $227.00

The UK68C is a Premium Ukulele made with Solid Acacia Top

Out in the retail market, a similar ukulele made with Acacia would cost you $300-$400. If you are a Ukulele player, you probably will know.

But we want as many people to enjoy good quality, well-built instrument at a value-for-money price. 

Hundreds of our students already own this exquisite piece of instrument.

And now, if you enjoy playing the ukulele, we want you to own our instrument because we truly believe playing it will bring you joy.

(Alegria means Joy in Spanish, thus, we created Alegria Ukuleles)

It is definitely worth investing in a premium music instrument that gives you joy!

Hear how it sounds like here:


23-inch concert-size ukulele

Top: Solid Acacia 

Back & Sides: Acacia

Gold-Sealed Geared Tuners Premium Aquila Strings

Comes in a Deluxe Padded Ukulele bag with shoulder straps

Do note that wood grains occur naturally and will differ from piece to piece.

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