Alegria UK27C Ukulele

  • $177.00

When our Alegria brand of ukuleles was created in 2012, we had one simple goal:

To make ukulele players smile when they play and hear the sound of our ukuleles. 

The UK27C was our first ever premium ukulele designed to do just that. 

What is a premium ukulele?

A premium ukulele is one built with good quality wood that produces a great tone.

Most ukuleles you see in the market (>$100) are usually made of plywood.

They come in different colours/shape and some may find them cute.

But they usually don't sound as good when compared to one made of good wood.

When we designed the UK27C ukulele, we were 100% sure we wanted to build it to produce a good tone.

So the UK27C is build with its top made of solid cedar wood and its sides made of rosewood.

This means the UK27C is able to produce a tone that is majestically bright, clear and beautiful.

You need to hear it in the video below:

Whether you're a new learner or an advanced player, you will love the sound of the UK27C ukulele.

Grab yours today or visit our showroom to test it.


  • 23-inch concert-size ukulele
  • Top: Solid Cedar
  • Back & Sides: Rosewood
  • Gold-Sealed Geared Tuners Premium Aquila Strings
  • Comes in a Deluxe Padded Ukulele bag with shoulder straps

Do note that wood grains occur naturally and will differ from piece to piece.

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