Alegria UK13C Ukulele

  • $109.00

Note: If you don't have an electronic tuner, you'll need one to tune your ukulele. -> Get tuner here

The Ukulele everyone should have!

Our UK13C Ukulele is perfect for players of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

More than 1000 of our students own this model. Made from sapele wood, it gives off a warm sound. 

Hear how it sounds in this video:

Always wanted to play ukulele but don't know how?


If you do not know how to play the ukulele, you should grab our bundle off which saves you 50%!

Our Ukulele Starter Kit bundle consists of this Ukulele (U.P $109) and a video tutorial (U.P $69)

In the video tutorial, you will learn how to play and sing in just 45 minutes, even if you have zero music background!

The total price for both items is $178, but just a limited time only, it's on 50% discount at just $89!

(You save $89!)

Grab it while stocks last!

What you will learn in our Ukulele Foundation Tutorial:

1. Brief history and origins of the ukulele
2. How to hold the ukulele and tune the ukulele
3. How to switch chords fast
4. How to remember chords without looking at chord diagrams
5. Learn the 4 chords which will enable you to play more than 70 over pop songs!
6. Learn our "Golden Rule" which will help you to play and sing almost instantly!

Why you should get the tutorial:

This video course contains our unique and proven way of teaching people how to play ukulele in the shortest time possible, even if they have no music background.

In fact, thousands of people have went through our syllabus in our music school.

Now, we've recorded our proven method and we're bringing it right to you where you can watch and learn at home!

Watch a preview of the Ukulele Starter Kit:

Details of Ukulele:

23-inch concert-size ukulele

Top, back and sides: Sapele

Geared tuners

Premium Aquila Strings

Do note that wood grains occur naturally and will differ from piece to piece.

This ukulele comes in a bag

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