Complete Online Cajon Course

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The Complete Online Cajon Course is for ANYONE who wants to start learning the Cajon in a proven and easy method, even if you have zero music background!

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A cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument that gained popularity in the 2000s. 

It is often used as a drum by bands instead of the full drum kit when performing.

As a music school with a unique method of beginners how to play music in just a few hours... (like the guitar/piano/ukulele)

We realised playing the drum is also a dream of many music lovers.

But we found out that:

#1) It is impossible for most people to keep a drum kit at home

(it takes up a lot of space and a full drum kit is not cheap)

#2) Drum lessons are not cheap

(a 1-1 drum lessons is usually $50-$60/hr)

#3) Learning the drum is difficult

(requires learning to read notes)

Therefore, we created the Complete Online Cajon Course to help you realise your drumming dreams!

In fact, hundreds of students have already learned how to play the cajon from us!

About Our Online Cajon Course

Our course is designed to be progressive and easy-to-follow for anyone!

Here's a preview of the online course:

There are a total of 4 levels in our online cajon course, where we take beginners with little or no music background to a level where they can play the cajon proficiently using the right techniques.

After which, you will progress from levels 2 to 4.

Each level is split into 2 parts: A and B.

In our learning portal, you get access to the videos and can download the PDF files of the learning resources.

The online course is not a physical product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with details to access the video tutorials.

All video tutorials purchased are strictly non-refundable.

Here's what you will learn in each level:

Cajon Foundation Tutorial:

  • The bass and tones of the Cajon
  • Understanding tempo and rhythms
  • Play along to 13 different rock and pop patterns
  • 16th notes patterns and fills to bring more life to your playing
  • Learn to play these songs: 2002 by Annie-Marie, Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Level 2:

  • Learn a new rhythm called Reggae, where you can use it to play songs like Despacito!
  • Apply techniques you've learnt to songs like Photograph, Don't Worry Be Happy, Just The Way You Are
  • Learn the Flam technique to add colour to your playing.
  • Learn techniques like Accenting to make your playing dynamic.
  • Apply techniques you've learnt to songs like Uptown Girl, Have It All, There She Goes, and the very popular high energy It's My Life by Bon Jovi!

Level 2A video preview:

Level 3:

  • Learn songs like Eye Of The Tiger, You're Still The One Sweet Child O Mine
  • Learn this new technique called the split finger.
  • Learn what are paradiddles!The "Secret Hand" technique that will evel up your bass tone!
  • How to use your foot create interesting tones on the Cajon, called the Foot Slide technique.
  • Play songs like I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Smoke On The Water, Africa and Walking on Sunshine!

Level 3B video preview:

Level 4:

  • Learn what are "Ghost Notes" and how to use them.
  • More practice and techniques on your flam and accent.
  • Learn a new rhythm called the "16th Note Variation" and how it can make you beats and fills sound good.
  • Play songs such as Treasure by Bruno Mars and Shape of You by Ed Sheeran using the new techniques learned.

By the end of these 4 levels, you will be able to play the cajon proficiently, being familiar with the various techniques and playing patterns.

The play-along we have in our videos will also equip you with the skill to complement your cajon playing skills with another instrument!

The usual price for all levels cost $483. 


But when you purchase the Complete Online Cajon Course, you can get everything at just $199!


If you already have a cajon at home but don't know how to play, get our course today.

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