Guitar Foundation Tutorial

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Always wanted to play guitar but don't know how?

This video tutorial is perfect for you!

You will learn how to play and sing in just 40 minutes, even if you have zero music background!

Why beginners LOVE our tutorial:

We realise most schools start teaching beginners how to play difficult chords (like starting to learn the C chord first)

And they teach students how to memorize chord diagrams. 

Which to be honest... is going to be tough for a new learner.

At TravelClef, we discovered a special method to help our students remember chords easily without having to memorize the diagram.

Here's how it works:

A chord is basically a shape you form on the guitar so you can strum it.

Here's an example of a chord, called the C chord:

You have to memorise the fingers to use (depicted by the numbers) as well as where to press the dots. 

This is confusing for beginners.

Many of our students struggle at this part.

But here's our proven way to help our students remember chords easily.

Instead of memorizing which fingers and dots to press, we realize all you have to do is to link the chord shape to something that is easy for your brain to recall!

For example:

Instead of telling yourself which fingers to use (fingers 1 and 2)

You just have to look at 2 dots as a pair of eyes.

A pair of eyes is right beside each other, thus, your fingers has to be right beside each other when forming this chord!

When we did this for our students, they could remember the shape almost instantly!

Therefore, we went ahead to come up with simple concepts for our students so they don't have to struggle to memorize anymore.

And in our online guitar course, we reveal to you all the secrets to remembering all the chords easily!

(Of course we cannot reveal all of them here!)

This method has proven to be super effective and hundreds of our students are now able to achieve their guitar playing dreams!

What you will learn in our Guitar Foundation Tutorial:

1. Brief history and origins of the guitar
2. How to hold the guitar and tune the guitar
3. How to switch chords fast
4. How to remember chords without looking at chord diagrams
5. Learn the 4 chords which will enable you to play more than 70 over pop songs!
6. Learn our "Golden Rule" which will help you to play and sing almost instantly!

Watch a preview of our Guitar Foundation Tutorial:


What our students say:

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